Monday, September 19, 2011

What Do Doctors Think of House?

As rule, I don't watch a lot of the medical dramas on TV. It is often too hard to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy the show.

Plenty of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals share that attitude. Some even reject the shows... strongly.
I can’t stand to watch House. It just makes me crazy. I want to teach him doctor-patient communication and respect for persons and autonomy. I want his colleagues to deal with an impaired provider,” says one physician I interviewed while writing House, M.D. vs. Reality
But there are also plenty of House fans among the ranks of medical professionals. Some enjoy a cathartic release watching House say and do things they know they can’t . . . and shouldn’t.
 “I know House is an ass. And I like that he’s an ass most of the time because it’s amusing. I know that in real life, I can’t be an ass when it comes to dealing with patients” is how one put it in a blog post.
And then there are physicians who just love House.
I think he’s terrific,” says a doctor who admits that watching the show is a guilty pleasure that many colleagues don’t understand. This doctor admires the way House’s mind operates. “He’s actually figured out the concept of objectivity, in making a good decision, so I actually like him.
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