Tuesday, September 13, 2011

As Seen on House vs. the Reality of Locked In Syndrome

One of the bizarre cases I dug into when researching House, M.D. vs. Reality” was Locked In Syndrome, in which a man appeared comatose when he was actually completely aware, though paralyzed and almost unable to respond.

House butts in as an emergency room doctor considers whether a crash victim might be a suitable organ donor. “Locked In” (5-19) opens from the point of view of the man who crashed. Although the ER doctor believes he is brain dead, he is fully conscious, but he cannot move or communicate. The patient is terrifi ed at the prospect his organs may be harvested for transplant. Viewers hear him shout, “I am alive! I’m here!” But no sound comes from his mouth.

There are real cases that are similar to what viewers say on House... along with a recent example of a cases that apparently wasn't what it first appeared to be.

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