Tuesday, September 06, 2011

House, M.D. vs. Reality - What's Reality Got to Do With It?

Less than four weeks to the debut of Season 8 of House.

Remember back a few seasons to the episode (“Living the Dream” 4-14) in which House kidnapped one of the actor on his favorite TV soap. The actor couldn’t understand why viewers loved his soap, which he considered useless trash.

“How can you watch that stuff?” asks the actor who plays Dr. Brock Sterling on Prescription: Passion.
“Because it’s awesome!” House replies.
“It’s preposterous. There hasn’t been one real moment since I’ve been on the show.”
“As opposed to shows that represent the world exactly the way it is . . . like . . . uh . . . can’t think of any,” House observes with a shrug.

He was right, of course. TV shows are not reality. But the images and messages in these powerful, emotionally engaging stories burrow into the popular psyche. That's why it's important to understand the messages about medicine and health in fictional shows like "House". 

See the full discussion in “House, M.D. vs. Reality

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