Friday, June 02, 2006

Stay tuned for the Script Doctor

Do you have questions about episodes of "House, MD" or other medical dramas on TV?

Get answers in my upcoming column that separates the reality from the drama.

Send your questions to

The column will begin later this year... in connection with the publication of my new book:
"The Medical Science of House, M.D."

Is House, MD for real? How real?

Coming in September:
"The Medical Science of House, M.D." by Andrew Holtz
Published by Berkley.

The facts behind the addictive medical drama
starring Golden Globe winner Hugh Laurie.

Week after week, House, M.D. has held viewers' attention with brilliant cast performances and intriguing diagnostic mysteries often solved with daring treatments. But how much of the medical detail is real and how much is fabricated?

In The Medical Science of House, M.D., Andrew Holtz, a well-known medical journalist, reveals how medical detectives work - how they follow symptoms to their source.

He examines cases on the show and provides answers to such questions as:

* How can a teenager adopted at birth nearly die because his biological mother didn't get a vaccine?
* How can a husband's faith in his wife's fidelity determine whether radical treatment will cure her or kill her?
* How can a missed eye-doctor appointment reveal a genetic disease?
* How can doctors choose the right course for a pregnant woman when one may kill her and the other would abort her fetus?

The Medical Science of House, M.D.
also delves into the character of Dr. House
and the hospital backdrop of the show.

* Would you want House to treat you or a loved one?
* What would happen to a doctor like House in a real hospital?
* Where are all the nurses, lab techs, and radiologists?
* What could medicine learn from the airlines?